Dream Journal

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Pretty peaceful and uneventful dream. I dreamt I was a man with highlighter-yellow hair (???) wearing dark clothing. Me and one of my childhood best friends were sitting together inside of a dilapidated stone chruch on the steps to the altar drinking cheap wine together. We were chatting about something, but I don't remember what it was about... something blasphemous on purpose but not sure what.


Desperately needed money so I built my entire home out of legos and worked with a touring agency to offer tours. The legos I needed were extremely rare and I needed to travel the world and do dangerous things to reach them... for example I had to book a plane to Canada and hike through the Canadian Rockies & glaciers for days without tools, and at the peak of the mountains would be the piece I needed. Despite the rarity of the lego pieces everything kept falling apart and needed to be rebuilt.

Honestly, the content of me getting to all the lego pieces doesn't matter because all that matters is the ending. I was standing in my home writing down something important on a clipboard when all of a sudden something broke, I heard the metal pipe falling sound effect in my dream and it caught me so off guard that it instantly booted me out of the dream and I woke up.


Took place in a very strange, half ace attorney, half wordle universe. Main character was a basic hardboiled detective with a color scheme that my subconscious based on the darkmode wordle?? He wore dark clothing with green and yellow highlights. He also had a Maya Fey-like assistant with psychic powers that wore purple and white (I was convinced in the dream that there was a purple, white, and light grey wordle skin but I was definitely just thinking of Maya). The plot of the dream followed a murder mystery where the main character had to solve wordle problems projected into his head by the assistant's psychic powers, and the solution revealed how the murder occured. For example, the main character had to find K-N-I-F-E to determine the murder weapon. Never found out who did it, though!

Honestly, this would be pretty cool as a sort of video game concept. Maybe as a visual novel? I want to do something with this idea in the future LOL.


My friend really wanted to practice stick-and-poke tattooing, so I let them practice directly on my ankle. I remember my only concern being pain, since the ankle is a particularly boney spot, but once my friend started I did not feel a thing. I let them pick what they would be tattooing, and I think it ended up being a globe...? I didn't get a good look at it, but it was about as wide as my ankle, dark colored, and circular.

About halfway through my friend looks at me and says "damn, I fucked up", so we both decide to get the unfinished tattoo covered up. We walk into an extremely beautiful shop in a historical building... it was built entirely out of rich, dark-colored wood and had intricate carvings all over the exposed support beams inside. I spent a long time in the dream admiring it. The shop had only one artist & it was very busy, but the shop was full of customers with nicely drawn tattoos that moved/were animated(?) and sparkled by said artist, so I felt I was making the right choice as a customer. I ended up deciding to cover up the globe with a black ouroboros snake eating its own tail that went all the way around my ankle, but I woke up before I was finished.


Assembled and filled my bathroom with about a dozen floor lamps from IKEA. The reason I did this was apparently to use the lamps to create some kind of superweapon that took the form of a gun and fired an extremely powerful laser...? Naturally, to test my new gun laser I pointed it at myself and spent the rest of the dream walking around with a cartoonish hole a couple inches wide straight through my chest.


I had a dream that my high school history teacher assigned me a college final on extremely specific historial events in Ireland, and that I had somehow missed the final, shown up to class held in a very large and very 1970s lecture hall (that they were holding after exams...?) and discovered that this exam was 30% of my grade. It left me so paranoid when I woke up that I checked my final exam schedule for this past semester, just to be safe, even though I didn't take a history class this semester.


I only remember a fragment of the dream, but the fragment is extremely vivid. I remember standing in a rain-soaked city street at night, seeing the reflection of neon street signs in the puddles below my shoes. I was standing over and looking down at a teenager with blonde messy hair, lying flat on his back and bleeding from his nose. He had some other injury on his chest or his neck, but it was censored by a sort of rainbow tv static.
I don't remember or know how he got into the state he was in - I had just found him drenched in rain and lying on the ground in the middle of the night. We stared at each other for a few seconds, and without exchanging any words I reached down to help him up.