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Cool Links & Resources

other websites of varying usefulness... the columns of boxes you are looking at scrolls.


  • Radio Garden - Website for listening to radio around the world, just by picking a city you can tune into the local radio there, also includes college radios and the like
  • Nightwave Radio - Vaporwave/Lo-fi Radio, nice as background music for studying or falling asleep
  • Drive and Listen - Footage of someone driving around various countries with radio from said countries playing in the background, very relaxing
  • Yggdrasil Radio - Not usually music that I listen to, but serves as a hub for Anime-esque music and J-Pop that I think is neat
  • Gensokyo Radio - Once again, not really what I listen to regularly but having two anime radios linked here can't hurt


  • Jet Lag The Game - Really fun travel gameshow also for free on youtube and also has its own podcast... genuinely worth the fee per month for the extra goodies it's just that good.
  • Dimension 20 - Similar to Jet Lag! This time it is a Dungeons and Dragons show that also has a behind the scenes/debriefing podcast. Also worth the low subscription fee
  • My Retro TV - Collection of class TV from the 50s to the early 2000s, simulates the experience of watching these old shows pretty nicely
  • Sam Wilson's Rat Race - Five strangers race from Amsterdam to Monaco without any money. Can you tell I love travel shows


  • Every Sound At Once - Organizes everyting on spotify into very specific music genres... i've found it useful for finding new artists when I am trying to stick to a tight 'theme'
  • Album of the Day - Selects a random album every day once a day, voted on/submitted by people who also use the website


  • Dracula Daily - A newsletter that sends you Bram Stoker's Dracula as the events play out in 'real time' chronologically
  • The Disconnect - A literary magazine that can only be read by turning off your wifi or data
  • Fingerspelling.xyz - Teaches you the ABCs in American Sign Language using your computer's camera.
  • Magnet Poetry - lets you compose a poem with the same limitations as those poetry fridge magnets i'm sure you're familiar with.



  • Waifu2x - An image scaling and noise reduction program, despite its name it can be used for any type of image, not just anime art.
  • Img2Pixel - Converts all sorts of images to pixel art with very pretty dithering (windows only unfortunately!).
  • Windows 98 Icon Database - exactly what it says on the tin.


  • Birthday Jerma - A free birthday message generator from Jerma for Jerma985 fans
  • 17776 Football - I can't really explain this one. Just click it.
  • Trampoline Toy - Simple trampoline simulator... including it bc jumping is intertaining to me in the same way that watching fish in an aquarium is
  • WeatherStar 4000+ - An emulator providing weather data for the US, as well as simulating the 90s weather channel.
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